I make mixed-media, found-object driven art works that offer a playful and critical perspective on capitalist value systems, their impact on our relationship to mass-produced images and objects as well as our own desires and values. Using abundant, readily available materials and objects, I alter these materials that were once familiar in absurd ways to highlight their formal qualities along with their relationship to the human body. Through methods of subtraction, assemblage and reproduction, I misuse or make these objects useless in order to point to how they were designed to be used and, therefore, how we are compelled to act in using them.  How do the ways that products are displayed and organized on a screen, in a newspaper or on a shelf determine how we look at them? What do the decorated surfaces of objects and furniture both reveal and conceal about our built environment?  Through focusing attention on the physical properties of an object, I explore the ways that methods of display and decorations direct what we see and how we consume and interact with our material culture, and ultimately how we feel about ourselves. Absence and presence, surface and inferiority, substance and superficiality are important themes in my work that come from a fear of never having enough, and on the other side of that coin, a pleasure in consuming anything at all.